Friday, January 03, 2014

Systemd: Quick-start guide

Systemd: Quick walkthrough

1) List all units controlled by systemd
# systemctl
#systemctl list-units

2) List all _active_ services on the system
# systemctl list-units -t service

3) list all service on the system
# systemctl list-units -t service --all

4) Check service status
# systemctl status sshd.service

5) Start Service
# systemctl start sshd.service

6) Stop Service
# systemctl stop sshd.service

7) Enable Service
# systemctl enable sshd.service

8) Disable Service
# systemctl disable sshd.service

9) You can view service dependencies with the command
# systemctl list-dependencies

10) Systemd is also used to halt/reboot/hibernate/shutdown
check systemctl --help for commands which are available.

Systemd uses cgroups extensively and groups processes started by a particular service into its own groups. This means that killing a service will get all processes started by a particular service.


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